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The Phone and Text Factor - Year 2!

How it works!

When The X Factor's Voting Lines open during the 2 remaining live shows if you opt-in to our live poll you will receive either a text message to your mobile or a phone call to your landline.

For those going for the mobile option simply text back the name of the contestant who you want to win.

If you prefer a call to your home phone, you will receive a message from us saying "Who do you want to win?" or "Who are you voting for tonight" Press 1 for Marcus, Press 2 for Little Mix, Press 3 for Amelia or Press 4 for Misha. The call is free and the text message is also free (your usual rate applies but you are not texting a premium number).

You will then get the result % as the shows ends during X Factor 2 by email (or text if you prefer - less information)

For those who participated last year this was really accurate and fun, you'll know who is likely to be eliminated and who might win AND how close the voting was before anyone else!

*As with last year, we will not use your details for anything else but this and a simple STOP message will take you out of the SMS and phone group.

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